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Organizational Structure

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  • Minister
    • Policy Advisor to the Minister
    • Spokesperson
    • Director General for Audit and Inspection
    • Public Relations Division
    • Audit and Inspection Division
    • Taskforce Team
    • COVID-19 Real Economy Support Team
Vice Minister General Services and Personnel Division
Office of Planning and Coordination Director General for Policy Coordination
  • Planning and Budget Division
  • Public Management Division
  • Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs Division
  • Information Management Division
  • Information Security Division
Director General for Emergency and Security Planning
  • Industrial Disaster and Safety Management Division
Office of Industrial Policy Director General for Industrial Policy
  • Industrial Policy Division
  • Industrial Innovation and Jobs Division
  • Industrial Environment Division
Director General for Materials and Components Industries
  • Materials and Components Policy Division
  • Semiconductor and Display Division
  • Chemicals, Textiles and Carbon Division
  • Metals and Ceramics Division
Director General for Manufacturing Industry
  • Machinery, Robotics and Defense Division
  • Automobile and Aerospace Division
  • Shipbuilding and Offshore Plant Industry Division
  • Electronics and Electrical Division
  • Bio-Convergence Industry Division
Office of Industry and Enterprise Innovation Director General for Industrial Technology Convergence Policy
  • Industrial Technology Policy Division
  • Industrial Technology Development Division
  • Market and Innovation for Industrial Technology Division
  • Engineering and Design Division
  • Regulatory Sandbox Team
Director General for Regional Economic Policy
  • Regional Economic Policy Division
  • Regional Economy Promotion Division
  • Industrial Complex Division
Director General for Middle Market Enterprise Policy
  • Middle Market Enterprise Policy Division
  • Middle Market Enterprise Promotion Division
  • Distribution and Logistics Division
Office of Energy and Resources Director General for Energy Innovation Policy
  • Energy Innovation Policy Division
  • Energy Efficiency Division
  • Electric Power Division
  • Electricity Market Division
  • Smart Grids, Transmission &Distribution and District Heating Division
  • GHG Reduction Team
Director General for Resources Industry Policy
  • Resources Security Policy Division
  • Petroleum Division
  • Gas Division
  • Coal and Mineral Resources Division
  • Energy Safety Division
Director General for Nuclear Power Policy
  • Nuclear Power Policy Division
  • Nuclear Power Cooperation Division
  • Nuclear Power Environment Division
New and Renewable Energy Policy Bureau
  • New and Renewable Energy Policy Division
  • Renewable Energy Division
  • New Energy Division
  • Energy Technology Division
Minister for Trade Deputy Minister for Trade
Bureau of Trade Policy
  • Trade Policy Division
  • Digital Trade Policy Division
  • Americas Division
  • Europe Division
Bureau of Trade Cooperation
  • Northern Trade and Coordination Division
  • Northeast Asia Trade Division
  • New Southern Trade Policy Division
  • The Middle East and Africa Trade Division
Office of FTA Negotiations Director General for FTA Policy
  • FTA Policy Planning Division
  • FTA Negotiation Coordination Division
  • FTA Implementation Division
Director General for FTA Negotiations
  • FTA Goods Division
  • FTA Services and Investment Division
  • FTA Trade Rules Division
East Asia FTA
  • East Asia FTA
    Negotiation Division
Office of International Trade and Legal Affairs Director General for International Trade Affairs
  • World Trade Organization Division
  • Multilateral Trade Cooperation Division
  • KOREA-US FTA Division
Director General for Trade Legal Affairs and Public Relations
  • Trade Legal Affairs and Planning Division
  • Trade Dispute Settlement Division
  • Public Relations Division For Trade
Office of International Trade and Investment Director General for International Trade Policy
  • International Trade Policy Division
  • International Trade Promotion Division
  • Export and Import Division
Director General for Cross-Border Investment Policy
  • Foreign Investment Policy Division
  • Foreign Investment Promotion Division
  • Overseas Investment Division
Director General for Domestic Policy on Trade
  • General Planning Division
  • Domestic Support Policy Division
  • FTA Utilization Team
Director General for Trade Controls Policy
  • Trade Controls Policy Division
  • Export Controls Licensing Division
  • Technology Transfers Controls Division