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Ministry hosts 13th ASEM Senior Officials’ Meeting on Trade and Investment in Seoul 2017-04-28

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    Trade, Industry and Energy Vice Minister Woo Taehee (eighth from right in the front row) poses for a photo with representatives from 48 member countries of the ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) at the ASEM Senior Officials' Meeting on Trade and Investment (SOMTI) in Seoul on April 28. 

    The 13th ASEM SOMTI was held to discuss the proposed agenda and program of the 7th ASEM Economic Ministers’ Meeting taking place in Seoul in September. Around 130 representatives from 48 out of 53 ASEM members attended the SOMTI. 

    “The resumption of the ASEM Economic Ministers’ Meeting, which has been suspended since 2005, has a huge significance in the two regions’ joint response to new challenges including the rising protectionism and the advance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Vice Minister Woo said in a welcome speech. “In today’s meeting, we will collect ideas to take the new challenges as our steppingstone for the prosperity of both Asia and Europe, not as obstacles to it.”

    The ASEM Economic Ministers’ Meeting will gather economic ministers from across Asia and Europe to promote trade and investment between the regions and discuss economic cooperation. Korea will host the first meeting of economic ministers in nearly 12 years since the last meeting in 2005 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.