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Minister Paik discusses exports of nuclear reactors with industries 2017-10-10

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    Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Paik Ungyu (second from right) spoke at the “nuclear reactor export strategy consultative meeting” in downtown Seoul on October 10. 

    Minister Paik presided the meeting with nuclear industry representatives and discussed the market environment for nuclear reactor exports, strategies for potential markets, and measures to reduce financial risks associated with overseas sales of reactors. 

    The Minister said in his opening remarks that the government will actively support exports of nuclear power plants and strictly evaluate profitability and risks of export projects in order to ensure they are beneficial to the country. 

    Representatives from 17 companies and institutions involved in overseas sales of nuclear reactors attended the meeting. They include Korea Electric Power Co. CEO Cho Hwan-eik, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Executive Vice President Jun Hwee-soo, and Korea Nuclear Association for International Cooperation President Kim In-sik.