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Ministry hosts event to promote foreign investment 2018-04-11

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    Deputy Minister of Trade and Investment Kim Young-sam of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy spoke at the Investors of the Quarter event that was held to promote foreign investment in Seoul on April 11.

    In his opening remarks, Deputy Minister Kim highlighted the importance of investing in new types of businesses as well as transforming the current investment models into more attractive models amid escalating global trade tensions and rising interest rates. He also emphasized that the government and municipalities need to make a concerted effort in a way that foreign investment can lead to a rise in youth employment and innovative growth in Korea.

    During the event, Deputy Minister Kim awarded ministerial citations to Toray BSF Korea, IKEA Korea, and Sansho Korea -- the three foreign investors that made a significant contribution to investment in Korea.

    The event was attended by about 100 representatives from municipalities, foreign investors, and relevant agencies. They include Korea Foreign Company Association Chairman Lee Sung-hyun, Toray BSF Korea Director Kenji Azuma, IKEA Korea Vice President Fredrik Johansson, and Sansho Korea CEO Seo Hyong-jin.