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Vice Minister Cheong reviews Nano-Convergence 2020 Program 2019-06-28

  • Vice Minister Cheong reviews Nano-Convergence 2020 Program Image 0

    Trade, Industry and Energy Vice Minister Cheong Seung-il (center) and Science and ICT Vice Minister Mun Mi-ock (second from the right) attended the presentation of results of the Nano-Convergence 2020 Program held in Suwon, south of Seoul, on June 28.

    Promoting commercialization of results derived from the public sector’s R&D activities, the Nano-Convergence 2020 program is scheduled to run until 2020 by the Nano-Convergence Foundation (NCF), which was founded in 2012 under the joint support of the Industry and Science Ministries.

    Vice Minister Cheong, after visiting an exhibition room that displayed products of ten Korean nanotech companies, delivered a speech to congratulate the industry for reaching cumulative sales of 500 billion won and exports of 400 billion won.

    The presentation was attended by some 50 officials from industry, academia, and research. They include NCF Director Park Jong-ku, Korean Academy of Science and Technology President Han Min-koo, and Korea Nano Technology Research Society President Yoo Ji-Beom.