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Minister Lee holds 25th Energy Commission meeting 2022-06-24

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    Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang held the 25th Energy Commission meeting at the Plaza Hotel Seoul on June 23 to discuss energy efficiency policies to implement under the new regime.
    In his opening remarks, Minister Lee mentioned the current internal and external signs of worldwide stagflation, noting that “Korea is vulnerable to global energy market volatility." He went on to reveal that the new regime’s energy policy consists of two pillars: “supply wise, there will be policy shifts back toward nuclear energy development, and demand-wise, enhancing energy efficiency is key.”
    The event was attended by officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Environment, as well as various relevant industry-academia representatives, including Seoul National University Professor Heo Eun-young, Korea Radioactive Waste Agency President Cha Sung-soo and Enomad CEO Park Hye-rin.