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Minister Paik presides over investment roundtable in New York 2018-04-19

  • Minister Paik presides over investment roundtable in New York Image 0

    Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Paik Ungyu (center) posed for a photo with American investors at the 2018 Korea-U.S. Investment Roundtable at a hotel in New York on April 18.

    The Ministry organized the event to attract more investment from the U.S., promoting cooperation between the two countries for technology development in preparation for the Fourth Industrialization Revolution.

    In his opening remarks, Minister Paik emphasized that Korea’s exemption from U.S. steel tariffs and the agreement in principle between the two sides on amendments to the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement have created a stable environment for investment in Korea.

    The meeting was attended by representatives from 10 companies in various industries such as biotechnology, petrochemicals, and finance. They include Pfizer Senior Director Jeffery Hamilton (fourth from left), Versum Materials President Guillermo Novo (fifth from left), and EMP Belstar Managing Partner Daniel Yun (sixth from left).