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Development of a Fully Fledged Robotics Industry through Convergence with Other Industries 2014-07-28

On Friday, July 25, 2014, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy convened the Pan-Government Robotics Industry Policy Meeting, chaired by the 1st Vice Minister for Industry in the Ministry, and took the opportunity to announce the 2nd (2014-2018) mid-term master plan for intelligent robot development.

The master plan for intelligent robot development is required under Article 5 of the Intelligent Robot Development and Distribution Promotion Act, and must be provided every five years. The 1st master plan was delivered in April 2009.

While the 1st master plan (2009-2013) focused on catching-up through infrastructure building, production development and promotion, the 2nd master plan focuses on expansion of the robotics industry into other manufacturing and service sectors, acknowledging advancements in robotics technology and the convergence of key industries.

The four initiatives of the 2nd master plan are ① improvement of the comprehensive robotics R&D competency, ② expansion of demand for robots in all industries, ③ creation of an open robotics industry ecosystem, and ④ robot network convergence. Korea plans to improve the fundamentals of robotics R&D, winning global leadership and creating new demands and new markets at home and abroad through the four initiatives.

* Targets specified in the 2nd master plan (2013-2018): a domestic robot market of KRW 2.2 trillion → KRW 7.0 trillion; robotics exports of KRW 0.74 trillion → KRW 2.5 trillion; and a total of 402 → 600 robotics (sales) businesses (KRW 6 billion → KRW 11.7 billion).

To meet the targets, Korea will enter into a public-private joint investment of KRW 2.6 trillion for the five years 2014-2018 (central government KRW 1.1 trillion, local government KRW 0.3 trillion and the private sector KRW 1.2 trillion).

The 1st Vice Minister for Industry in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said, “In order to develop the Korean robotics industry into a key industry, we need to secure core technology and increase the demand for robots within the business and service models of other industries. The government will provide intensive support.”

Before announcing the 2nd master plan, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, released the following results of the 2013 robotics industry survey (July 2014, Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement).

▴Domestic robotics market (production): KRW 2.1 trillion in 2012 → KRW 2.2 trillion in 2013 (up 4.1%) ▴Robotics exports: KRW 595.3 billion in 2012 → KRW 737.6 billion in 2013 (up 23.9%) ▴Number of robotics businesses: 368 in 2012 → 402 in 2013 (up 9.2%) ▴Number of jobs in the robotics industry: 10,515 in 2012 → 11,478 in 2013 (up 9.2%)

Contact Information

Director Eom Chan-wang (044-203-4310) and Deputy Director Gwon Gi-seong (044-203-4311), Machinery, Robotics and Defense Division