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Prime Minister and 2nd Vice Minister attend H2 MEET 2022-08-31

South Korea’s Prime Minister Han Duck-soo and Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-Jun attended the H2 MEET (Mobility, Energy, Environment, Technology) Exhibition opening ceremony at KINTEX in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on August 31.

In his congratulatory message, Prime Minister stated that “Korea’s new regime aims to achieve a balanced development of all hydrogen cycles (production, distribution, utilization) and that future policies will be soon announced by the Hydrogen Economy Commission.

H2 MEET is the world’s largest hydrogen industry convention, in which 16 countries, and 240 companies participate. It is the third exhibition of its sort, but the title until last year was “Hydrogen Mobility Show,” whereas it has been changed to H2 MEET so as to encompass all hydrogen cycles and their value chain technologies.

The four-day (August 31-September 3) show showcases various areas of hydrogen mobility, including hydrogen cars, drones, ships, construction equipment, bikes and two-wheelers. Visitors can access both domestic and foreign companies’ exhibition items.

Among the hydrogen companies that partake in the exhibition, 48 are producers, 75 are in storage and transport, and 68 are in utilization. In addition, participating government institutions, R&D centers and embassies add up to 49 in total.

Taking place on the sidelines over the next several days are a number of events, including H2 Innovation Awards, Clean Hydrogen Trade Initiative (CHTI) International Forum, and International Hydrogen Conference.