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Parts and materials technology development
2014-2018 Local Industry Development Plan 2014-12-29
local industry development
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As the first and foremost mid- to long-term plan to develop key industries in 14 cities and provinces nationwide, the 2014-2018 Local Industry Development Plan was released after more than 30 working-level meetings and public hearings with industry experts, scholars, and researchers held over 11 months from October 2013. Developed under the leadership of the heads of the local governments, this plan grants greater autonomy and responsibility to each local area. The tentative plan provides visions, objectives and detailed action plans for the development of key industries in local areas.


The key strategies in this plan can be summarized as follows:

  • Set a direction for each industry's development over the next five years based on an analysis of the industry environment in each area.
  • Design the most suitable portfolio taking into account the characteristics of local firms, and create local technology roadmaps to enable more strategic R&D.
  • Formulate plans to make greater use of R&D equipment and to reallocate idled/disused equipment, promote standardization and systemization of equipment use and maintenance, and enhance R&D capabilities of local companies.
  • Expand the sector council to local areas to resolve shortages of industrial technology experts.

MOTIE will devise a new action plan every year and give greater priority to local development-related projects. It will also establish a Local Industry Promotion Plan, a yearly budget action plan as a legal groundwork for local development projects.