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Parts and materials technology development
Industrial Initiatives for the Creative Economy 2014-12-29
Creative Economy Industrial initiatives industry ecosystem


  • MOTIE has devised 13 industrial initiatives along with a private-sector centered implementation system in order to advance key industries and create a new industry ecosystem.
  • Through these initiatives, the Ministry is seeking to accomplish the goals set by the Three-Year Economic Innovation Plan and build an ecosystem based on a first-mover strategy to achieve a targeted trade volume of 2 trillion KRW by 2020.


  • Provide comprehensive and diversified support through global cooperation, infrastructure construction, financial/tax benefits, commercialization, institutional reforms and technology development.
  • Induce a virtuous cycle of mutual growth of businesses (large enterprises and SMEs), academia, and the research sector, which represent the key components of the overall industry ecosystem.
  • Improve the government's financial efficiency and create a cooperative ecosystem by making maximum use of existing projects and addressing shortfalls in inter-ministry cooperation.

13 industrial initiatives

System industries (5)
  • Manufacturing systems for advanced materials
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Offshore plants for extreme environments
  • Unmanned high-speed aerial vehicles capable of vertical takeoff and landing
  • Public safety & health robots
Parts and materials industries (3)
  • Wearable smart devices
  • Eco-plastic materials for transportation equipment
  • Non-ferrous metals for advanced industries
Creative industries (3)
  • Personalized healthcare systems
  • Bio-artificial devices
  • Virtual training platforms
Energy industries (2)
  • High-efficiency subminiature generating systems
  • Direct current power distribution systems


  • Industrial Initiatives for the Creative Economy (brochure) [English]
  • (New Technology of the Month) Strategy for Industrial Initiatives [Korean]