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Parts and materials technology development
Vice Minister Cheong visits Korean photoresist manufacturer in Hwaseong 2020-01-15
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Trade, Industry and Energy Vice Minister Cheong Seung-il (center) made an on-site visit to the plant of Dongjin Semichem, a local photoresist maker, in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, on January 15, to encourage the firm’s plan to extend its production line.


Photoresist is one of the three materials used to make chips and displays that Japan restricted its exports to Korea on July 4 last year. The other two materials are high-purity hydrogen fluoride and fluorinated polyimides.


In the meeting with Vice Minister Cheong, the company executive presented the firm’s plan to expand its facilities in the first quarter of this year, which will enable the firm to increase its production volume to more than double by the beginning of next year.


Vice Minister Cheong said the expansion of Dongjin Semichem’s facilities will contribute to increasing domestic supply of photoresists, while decreasing the nation’s dependence on Japan for supply.


He went on to say that the supply of three key materials, including photoresists, is gaining stability faster than expected as a result of continued public-private joint effort. Vice Minister Cheong also added that the government will continue to put forth policies to strengthen competitiveness of the materials, parts, and equipment industry regardless of the changes in external conditions.