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Korea and Uzbekistan hold 1st bilateral energy dialogue 2023-03-08

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)’s Energy Industry Deputy Minister Cheon Young-gil held the 1st Korea-Uzbekistan Energy Dialogue with Azim Israilovich Akhmedkhajaev, First Deputy Minister at Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on March 7 in Seoul to share energy policies and discuss measures to expand cooperation in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The meeting is meaningful in that it is the first official Korea-Uzbekistan energy dialogue held in accordance with the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the two countries in December 2021 on establishing an energy communication channel.

Korea and Uzbekistan shared energy policies in response to the persisting Russia-Ukraine crisis, energy supply chain risks and climate crisis, agreeing to strengthen collaboration in new energy industries like renewable energy and energy efficiency based on Uzbekistan’s rich resources and Korea’s technological prowess.

As the Uzbek government plans to expand the solar and wind power ratio in its energy mix for stable power supply and future clean energy transition, it was viewed that Korean companies’ participation in projects will accelerate renewable energy distribution in Uzbekistan.

Moreover, Deputy Minister Cheon expressed gratitude toward the Uzbek government’s decision to resume customs clearance for Korean home appliances until the regulatory revision.

He went on to request the Uzbek government’s support for resolving major challenges faced by Korean companies operating in Uzbekistan, such as the pending issue of outstanding accounts receivable with the Surgil gas field project.

The Deputy Minister stressed that the two countries should hold the energy dialogue on a regular basis to achieve energy security and carbon neutral, and that he looks forward to the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership between the two countries.