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Vice Minister Woo delivers speech at 1st 'Energy Future Forum' for 2017 2017-01-18
2017년 제1차 에너지미래포럼.JPG 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Vice Minister Woo Taehee delivered a speech on the 2017 energy policy direction at this year’s first 'Energy Future Forum' in Seoul on January 13. 
The Energy Future Forum is a monthly meeting, first held in 2011, that provides the energy industry and other related industries with the opportunity to discuss the latest energy issues. This regular forum is organized by the Association of Energy Future Forum (AEFF), a non-profit organization with around 60 member companies. 
This year’s inaugural forum focused on the sharing of information within the energy industries and joint actions amid changing environments at home and abroad. It was attended by more than 100 representatives from the AEFF and related organizations, including Lee Jae-hoon, president of the AEFF; Jang Byung-wan, chairman of the National Assembly’s Trade, Industry and Energy Committee; and Park Joo-heon, president of the Korea Energy Economics Institute.