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Kori Unit 1, Korea’s first nuclear reactor, ceases operations 2017-06-19
고리1호기 영구정지 선포식.jpg 1
President Moon Jae-in (center) delivered a speech at the ceremony to announce the retirement of Kori Unit 1, Korea’s first nuclear reactor, in front of the Kori Nuclear Power Plant, Gijang-gun, Busan, on June 19. 
President Moon said the end of Kori Unit 1’s operation is the first step on Korea’s path to reduced dependency on nuclear energy and transition toward renewable energy.
The 587-megawatt reactor entered commercial operation in April 29, 1978, and has supplied 155,260 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in the last 40 years. It was permanently stopped at 12 p.m., June 18. 
The event was hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP) and attended by government and KHNP officials, residents of the hosting region, and civic groups.