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Minister Paik speaks at World Gas Conference 2018-07-02
(18.06.29)WGC 2018 폐회식 기조연설01.jpg 1
Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Ungyu attended the World Gas Conference (WGC) and spoke during the closing session, in Washington D.C. on June 29. 
In his key note speech at the conference, Minister Paik spoke about Korea's energy transition policies and predicted a growing dominance of gas in the future energy scene, along with renewable energy. The minister delivered his key note speech as the representative of Korea, the host country for the WGC in 2021, and as the energy minister of the country that holds the presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU) from this June. 
Minister Paik also called for support and awareness of WGC 2021 that will take place in Daegu, Korea, in three years. 
The World Gas Conference is held every three years in the country holding the presidency of the IGU.