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Energy Ministry jointly hosts a renewable energy conference in Seoul 2019-10-24

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) kicked off the opening ceremony of the Korea International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC Seoul 2019) at COEX in Seoul on October 23.
Held biennially, the international renewable energy conference is one of the renewable energy sector’s largest events, providing opportunities to discuss climate change responses and promote the use of renewables.

Jointly hosted this year by MOTIE, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and REN21, the conference will last until October 25 and is expected to attract about 3,500 participants from over 100 countries. Among them will be government officials, business people, and representatives from international organizations such as the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

On the opening day, Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo delivered welcoming remarks that highlighted the fact that the energy transition with a focus on renewables is the global innovation trend. He pointed out three innovations that are unfolding in this sector.

The first is the technological innovation that is shifting the energy paradigm from finite natural resources to sustainable technological resources. These include information and communication technology (ICT)-based smart grids and energy storage, as well as the combination of renewables and hydrogen.

The second is market innovation. The border between suppliers and consumers is growing blurry, and businesses and consumers are taking a bigger role in pushing the market forward.

The third is the innovation among participants. The spread of renewables requires the participation of local communities and their citizens. In this regard, KIREC Seoul 2019 is significant because it is the first time in the history of the conference that the central and municipal governments co-hosted the event.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon suggested cities across the world take the initiative in the energy transition in their respective countries. He also said Seoul will push to transform itself into one of the world’s leading solar-powered cities by 2022, boosting the development of the solar energy industry.

REN21 Chair Arthouros Zervos added that it is unquestionable that the world needs a transition in energy systems.

On this occasion, energy leaders built a consensus on the need for an expansion in renewables and issued a statement on the Seoul Initiative whose aim is to accelerate such efforts.

Read the statement on the Seoul Initiative here: