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Minister Sung underlines value of energy transition at New Energy Industry Business Dialogue 2018-10-05
(18.10.05)에너지 신산업 비즈니스 다이얼로그 패널토론01.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yunmo (fourth from right) underlined the value of energy transition for innovation-driven growth during his welcoming speech at the New Energy Industry Business Dialogue that took place at COEX in Seoul on October 5.

As part of the second-day schedule of the Korea Energy Transition Conference 2018, the dialogue was held to discuss strategies for creating new businesses and innovation-based growth engines with the help of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the new energy sector.

The discussion was attended by about 500 leaders and representatives from the new energy industry, including Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) President Kim Jong-kap, SK Telecom President Park Jung Ho, and GE Asia Pacific President Wouter Van Wersch.