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Minister Sung delivers speech to energy industry leaders at New Year’s meeting 2019-01-22
(19.01.21)2019년도 에너지업계 신년인사회03.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo delivered a speech to energy industry leaders and had conversations with them at a New Year’s meeting held in Seoul on January 21.

During his remarks, Minister Sung said the Korean government will focus on implementing the strategy for innovation in manufacturing that was outlined last year as a means to revitalize the country’s economy. He added that it will also develop specific plans for individual energy sectors to help energy transition become an engine for innovation-led growth that creates new industries and jobs.

The gathering was attended by more than 150 energy industry representatives, including Korea Energy Foundation (KEF) Chairman Kim Kwang-sik, Korea Petroleum Association (KPA) Chairman Kim Hyo-seok, and Korea NGOs’ Energy Network Secretary General Hong Hye-ran.