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Minister Sung discusses with China’s Energy Administration Director Zhang Jianhua in Beijing 2019-03-28
(19.03.27)중국 국가에너지국장 면담01.jpg 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (right) had a discussion with Chinese National Energy Administration Director Zhang Jianhua at a meeting held in Beijing on March 27.

During the meeting, Minister Sung and Director Zhang explored potential cooperation opportunities between the two countries in a range of areas, including electric power grids, natural gas, renewables, and energy-related new industries.

Minister Sung said that further cooperation between Korea and China is needed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and fine dust even though the two countries are pursuing an energy transformation that decreases coal-based power generation and increases the share of renewables.

Minister Sung also expressed hope that a concerted effort in energy between the two sides will expand to the hydrogen economy and other future energy industries.