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Korea expresses willingness to join Czech nuclear project 2020-08-21
(20.08.20)체코 원전특사 화상면담02.JPG 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo had two-day virtual meetings with his Czech counterpart Karel Havlíček and Jaroslav Mil, special envoy for nuclear energy, on August 19 and 20, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and discuss broader cooperation in various fields including industry, technology, and energy.

In particular, as the Czech Republic recently announced the government's plan to build a new nuclear power plant in Dukovany, MInister Sung explained the competitiveness and excellence of Korean nuclear energy projects and stressed that Korea's participation in the Czech nuclear project would be an opportunity to open a new chapter in Korea-Czech cooperation.