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Parts and materials technology development
MOTIE to support 4,000 energy companies by 2025 in Korea’s Green New Deal drive 2020-09-22
(20.09.22)에너지혁신기업 간담회03.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (second from the right) held a conference with representatives from the renewable energy sector and state-run energy companies, on September 22, and announced the Ministry’s plans to discover and encourage energy innovation companies by expanding R&D assistance, boosting private investment, and building foundation for the overall support system.


Under the new strategy, the government will focus its support on the following six promising industries: solar O&M, distributed generation and virtual power plants, wind power support services, electric-vehicle battery services, materials, parts, and equipment in new energy industries, and energy efficiency management.


Minister Sung stressed that the successful implementation of the Green New Deal is possible only when the ecosystem of energy innovation companies’ growth is created, and promised active engagement in the establishment of a cooperative system among relevant agencies to this end.