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FTA/Economic Cooperation

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Trade Minister discusses regional cooperation at 20th AEM Plus Three Consultations in Manila 2017-09-12
제20차 아세안+3 경제장관회의.JPG 1
Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong (third from right at the table) spoke at the 20th ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Ministers (AEM) Plus Three Consultations on September 10 in Manila, the Philippines. 

The meeting was attended by economic ministers from Korea, China, and Japan as well as from 10 ASEAN member countries. They reviewed the implementation of recommendations from the East Asia Vision Group, which Korea had proposed to establish, and sought how Korea, China, and Japan could contribute to the ASEAN economy through discussions with a council of business leaders in East Asia. 

At the meeting, Trade Minister Kim encouraged ministers of economy and trade in East Asia to join the seventh ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Economic Ministers’ Meeting, which the Ministry hosts in Seoul on September 21 and 22.