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FTA/Economic Cooperation

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Parts and materials technology development
Trade Minister Kim chairs meeting to discuss recent trade issues and review existing trade deals 2018-09-21
(18.09.20)제29차 통상조약 국내대책위원회 개최02.JPG 1

Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong (second from left) chaired a meeting to discuss recent international trade issues and review existing free trade agreements with government officials, industry representatives, and academics in Seoul on September 20.

During his opening remarks at the meeting, Minister Kim said that global trade conditions are rapidly changing as a result of rising protectionism, ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute, and advancing fourth industrial revolution technologies.

The Ministry's trade chief emphasized that an expansion of exports from small and medium enterprises and high potential enterprises is important in responding to these shifting conditions and creating jobs.

Minister Kim also underlined the importance of adapting to rapid changes in the trade and industry sectors, asking for tackling challenges and nurturing innovation.