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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Sung shares policy directions for 2019 with petrochemical industry leaders 2019-01-09
(19.01.08)2019년 석유화학업계 신년인사회01.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yunmo (fourth from the right) shared the Korean government’s policy directions for 2019 with petrochemical industry leaders at a new year’s meeting in Seoul on January 8.

During his congratulatory remarks, Minister Sung said that the Korean petrochemical exports that surpassed the $50 billion mark last year made a great contribution to the country’s economic growth. He attributed this achievement to active investment activities and increased competitiveness.

Regarding policy directions, Minister Sung offered three strategies for the industry to take another leap forward: achieving exports of more than $50 billion for two consecutive years, diversifying feedstock sources, and proactively preparing for the age of the hydrogen economy.

The meeting was attended by about 150 petrochemical industry representatives, including Korea Petrochemical Industry Association (KPIA) President Moon Dong-joon, Hanwha Chemical CEO Kim Chang-bum, and LG Chem Representative Director Park Jin-soo.