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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Sung meets with steel industry leaders to share policy directions for 2019 2019-01-11
(19.01.10)철강업계 신년인사회01.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (center) met with steel industry leaders to share the Korean government’s 2019 policy directions at a new year’s gathering in Seoul on January 10.

During his congratulatory remarks at the meeting, Minister Sung praised their efforts in achieving steel exports of $600 billion last year amid rising global protectionism and other uncertainties.

To overcome the challenges posed by internal and external factors this year, Minister Sung asked for concerted efforts in three different aspects: diversifying export markets, establishing smart steel factories, and bolstering competitiveness by focusing on high-value added products.

The event was attended by more than 200 representatives from the steel sector, including Korea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA) Chairman Choi Jung-woo, Lawmaker Park Myung-jae, and Hyundai Steel Vice Chairman Kim Yong-hwan.