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Vice Minister Cheong attends 2019 Drone Show Korea in Busan 2019-01-25
(19.01.24)2019 드론쇼 코리아 개막식01.jpg 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Vice Minister Cheong Seung-il (center) and Science Vice Minister Mun Mi-ock (fourth from the right) gave welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony of 2019 Drone Show Korea held in Busan on January 24.

During his speech, Vice Minister Cheong introduced the Korean government’s support plans for the drone sector, adding that the competitiveness of the drone industry would require business skills as well as the technology the market wants. He also visited the exhibition hall that showcased 410 different booths of 110 companies from home and abroad.

More than 60 individuals visited the ceremony. They include Busan Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Yoo Jae-soo and Korean Air Senior Vice President Kim In-hwa.