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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Sung discusses industrial revitalization and innovation with think tank leaders 2019-02-08
(19.02.07)주요 경제 연구기관장 간담회 개최01.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (fourth from the left) discussed industrial revitalization and innovation at a meeting with Korean think tank leaders that took place at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in Seoul on February 7.

At the meeting, Minister Sung mentioned that while recent difficult export conditions largely resulted from the impact of external factors such as the U.S.-China trade dispute, a global economic slowdown, and falling oil prices, now is the time to review Korea’s manufacturing sector for its improvement in quality because more focus could’ve been placed on quantitative growth.

During the discussion, the participants exchanged their views on external risk factors to the Korean economy, response plans for the manufacturing industry, and the role of industrial policies.

The meeting was attended by directors from eight different private and public think tanks, including Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) President Chang Ji-sang, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) President Lee Jae-young, and Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) President Cha Moon-joong.