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Parts and materials technology development
Korean air purifier business alliance moves into innovation center in Gwangju 2019-03-20
(19.03.18)에어가전 기업협의체 현판식04.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (left) attended the move-in ceremony of the alliance for air consumer electronics businesses held at the air home appliance innovation support center in the Gwangju branch of the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) on March 18.

During his visit, Minister Sung asked the companies belong to the alliance to strive for developing new products by making use of the innovation center’s testing devices and research equipment. Minister Sung also checked the operating status of the facility, taking a look at the member companies, testing devices, and laboratories.

The event was attended by some 100 officials from air home appliance companies and relevant agencies, including Gwangju City Mayor Lee Yong-sup and KETI President Kim Young-sam.