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Parts and materials technology development
Trade Minister Yoo meets with foreign investment representatives to discuss FDI policies 2021-02-04
(21.02.03)2021년 외국인투자기업 신년인사회05.JPG 1
Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee (center) attended a New Year meeting hosted by the Korea Foreign Company Association (FORCA) on February 3, and met with representatives from foreign chambers of commerce and investment companies to discuss the 2021 policy direction for foreign direct investments.

Trade Minister Yoo mentioned that in line with Korea’s New Deal projects, the government will develop strategies to work together with foreign companies with key technological and human resources in the green and digital sectors. The government also plans to create a “high-tech investment zone” for semiconductor, bio-health, and future car industries.

She also said that a detailed FDI policy roadmap will be announced in March.