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Trade Minister Kim discusses export promotion strategies for 2019 2019-02-11
(19.02.11)제1차 수출통상대응반 회의 개최04.jpg 1

Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong (second from the left) discussed export promotion strategies for 2019 with industry groups and government officials at a meeting held at the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-sure) in Seoul on February 11.

During the meeting, Trade Minister Kim said that amid growing uncertainties in the global trade scene, the Korean government will make every effort to revitalize exports by strategically responding to trade conditions.

The topics for the discussion included export revitalization measures, export suggestions, and export status of each industry.

Participants in the discussion were leaders of export promotion agencies, representatives of industry groups, and government officials from different ministries. They include Korea International Trade Association (KITA) Vice Chairman Han Jin-hyun and Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) Vice Chairman Nam Ki-man.