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Korea hosts 8th director general-level export control policy dialogue with Japan 2020-03-11
(20.03.10)제8차 한-일 수출관리정책대화 영상회의01.JPG 1

Lee Ho-hyeon, the director general responsible for trade policy at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, represented the Korean team at the 8th Korea-Japan Export Control Policy Dialogue held in Seoul via video conferencing from March 10, 10:00 am to March 11, 1:50 am.

Both sides positively evaluated each other’s planned legal and institutional improvements to strengthen export management capabilities. On request of its Japanese counterpart Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, MOTIE has recently revised an article of the Foreign Trade Act related to catch-all controls on conventional arms trade and will increase personnel for export controls.

The two countries agreed to continue dialogue on bilateral trade issues and will hold the 9th Policy Dialogue in Korea on the date agreed by the two sides later on.