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Parts and materials technology development
Korea renews call for Japan to lift export curbs on three key materials 2020-05-12
(20.05.12)일본 수출규제 관련 대응현황 및 향후계획 브리핑01.JPG 1

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held a briefing on May 12, and urged Japan to respond to Korea’s request of lifting restrictions on its exports of three key industrial materials by the end of this month.


Japan imposed the regulations on July 4 last year without a notice. The briefing came after Korea has met all prerequisites in order for a swift resolution of pending issues, including the revision of article related to catch-all controls on conventional arms trade and the expansion of personnel for export controls.


Lee Ho-hyeon, the director general responsible for trade policy at the Ministry, emphasized that the two countries are facing challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic and it is important that they settle the issue in export management and move toward cooperation.