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402 Hannuri-daero, Sejong-si, 30118, Republic of Korea

Govement complex sejong Govement complex sejong


Public Transportation

Sejong City intra-city bus numbers 430,530,550,551,601,and 602
  • 430 : Bugang Bus StopSejong City Hall AnnexGovernment Complex-Sejong
  • 530 : Janggun Township OfficeSungnam High SchoolGovernment Complex-Sejong
  • 550 : Jochiwon StationGovernment Complex-SejongGongju
  • 551 : Jochiwon StationKorea UniversityGovernment Complex-SejongGongju
  • 601 : Jochiwon StationGovernment Complex-SejongyDaepyeong-ri
  • 602 : Jochiwon StationKorea UniversityGovernment Complex-SejongyDaepyeong-ri
  • Sejong City Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System (Banseok Station South TerminalCheotmaeul Apartment ComplexGovernment Complex-SejongOsong Station)

Private Car

  • 94, Dasom-2ro, Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City (Street Address)
  • 50 Eojin-dong, Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City (Current Temporary Location)
  • 50 Jongchon-ri, Nam-myeon, Yeongi-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (Old Address)
From Seoul
  • Gyeongbu Expressway toward Busan → Cheonan Junction → Cheonan Nonsan Expressway (Privately financed expressway) → N. Gongju Junction →
    Dangjin Daejeon Expressway → W. Sejong IC → Government Complex-Sejong
From Gwangju
  • Honam Expressway toward Daejeon → Yuseong Junction → Dangjin Daejeon Expressway → S. Sejong IC, W. Sejong IC → Government Complex-Sejong
From Busan
  • Enter Gyeongbu Expressway → New Daegu Expressway (Privately financed expressway) → E. Daegu Junction → Gyeongbu Expressway toward Seoul →
    Hoedeok Junction → Honam Expressway toward Daejeon-Gwangju → Yuseong Junction → Dangjin Daejeon Expressway → W. Sejong IC, S. Sejong IC →
    Government Complex-Sejong

Visitor's Guide

  • Step1
    Arrive at the outside gate of the Government Complex and confirm your appointment with a security officer.
  • Step2
    Visit the relevant department (accompanied by an official).
  • Step3
    Proceed to the checkpoint accompanied by the official you made an appointment with. Exchange your photo ID with a visitor pass.
  • Step4
    Upon completion of visit, return to the checkpoint and retrieve your ID Card before departing.


  • You are required to present a photo ID (resident Card, etc.) to visit the Government Complex.
  • You must wear the visitor pass at all times during the visit, and take Care not to lose the pass.
  • 7 In case you need to enter the Complex grounds in a vehicle, the office you are visiting must coordinate with the Government Building.
  • Management Office beforehand.
  • For handicapped access, security personnel and guides will be available at all times to provide assistance in the use facilities for the disabled.