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Congratulatory remarks on the occasion of Korea EUREKA Day 2013 2013-05-31
Distinguished delegates and guests, Ladies and gentlemen, It is my great honor to welcome you at the opening of this year`s KOREA EUREKA DAY here in Istanbul, on behalf of the Republic of Korea`s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.  

First, I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Nihat Ergün, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Professor Yücel Altunbasak, President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Mr. Okan Kara, Chairman of EUREKA, Dr. Kim Yong-geun, President of the Korea Institute for the Advancement of Technology.
And, of course, the Turkish EUREKA Chairmanship for their indispensible support in co-hosting this event.   Ladies and gentleman,   Since the Korea-EU FTA went into effect in July 2011, Korea has stepped up its efforts to advance its industrial cooperation with Europe and the EU.  
The recent FTA between Korea and Turkey, which took effect this month, is the latest expression of Korea`s mission to globalize by working together.  

The Korean government has put top priority on participating in the economic networks in addition to all these trade agreements in order to maximize global cooperation on industrial technology.  
As a pioneer of this global cooperation, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is always looking to work closely with Europe to achieve our very ambitious goals in technological innovation.  
The Korean government is fully committed to continued support for EUREKA as a vital mechanism to promote market-oriented R&D by Korea and Europe.  
This commitment is vital to developing the global cooperation system needed to advance technological innovation for the future of Korea and Europe.  
That`s why we are gathered here at KOREA EUREKA DAY, which will serve as the “Gateway to Innovation for Korea and Europe.`  

As the theme states for this event, `Knowledge gained from experience cannot lead to substantial breakthroughs unless it is shared and recognized.`  
With this belief, KOREA EUREKA DAY was first launched in 2010 and has become the principal event for promoting industrial R&D collaboration between Korea and Europe.  
What makes this event unique is not how long we talk but in what ways our discussion leads to better exchanges of knowledge and more promotion of technology innovation.  
To do this, we have gathered here leading R&D representatives from the best companies, organizations and institutes in Europe and Korea.  
I am confident that this year’s event will provide an extraordinary platform for all of us to initiate new R&D partnerships, share innovative ideas, and seek business ventures.  

Today, we will take our friendship and partnership to the next level. It is my sincere hope that by the end of this event, we will all be better guided and inspired as we continue on our technological quest.  
Please allow me to once again express my deep thanks to KIAT, TUBITAK and the EUREKA Secretariat for their outstanding support and cooperation in organizing this event. Thank you!


by Vice Minister Kim Jae-hong May 28, 2013 Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy Hotel Istanbul, Turkey