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424th Korea Trade Commission gives final conclusion on anti-dumping duty expiry review 2022-05-13

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) held the 424th Korea Trade Commission (hereinafter “the Commission”) meeting on May 12 and gave the final conclusion of anti-dumping duty expiry review on butyl glycol ether from the U.S. and France.

At the meeting, Chairperson Chang Seung-wha announced the Commission’s decision to suggest to the Economy and Finance Minister an extension of a 5-year 20.1-25.0 percent anti-dumping duty in consideration of possible dumping recurrence and domestic injury.

Butyl glycol ether is a colorless, clear, and highly miscible liquid of low toxicity and is widely used as a solvent in water-based paints, coatings, resins, antifreeze and LCD stripping solution.

Since launching the antidumping expiry review in July of 2021, the Commission has been upholding the defense right through document investigations, interested parties’ meetings, local inspections, public hearings, and such fair and transparent investigation procedures in accordance with WTO anti-dumping agreement and customs act.

Based on the abovementioned investigations process, the Commission has concluded that domestic industries would likely bleed from price falls and increased imports on expiration.

Once the Commission reports the conclusion to the Economy and Finance Minister, the final decision on antidumping duty extension is to be given within 12 months of expiry review commencement date (July 30, 2021).

The Commission also announced its decision to start investigations on the patent infringement and unfair trade practices claim made by a domestic company (Ronic Korea) against two other domestic business entities (“A” and “B”) on April 1 for importing and selling foreign-made milling machine products that allegedly violate Ronic Korea’s patent rights.

In reviewing the investigation request, the Commission found A and B to have imported and sold milling machines allegedly infringing Ronic Korea’s patent rights within two years of the investigation request timeframe, and decided to go ahead with unfair trade practices investigations.

In the following six to ten months, the Commission will carry out document investigations, local inspections, and technical explanatory sessions to draw a final conclusion on the matter.