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Korea and Japan resume Energy Policy Dialogue 2023-06-02

Trade, Industry and Energy Ministry’s Director General for Energy Policy Lee Won-ju met with Minami Ryo, Japan’s Director-General for International Policy on Carbon Neutrality, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), on May 25 for the Korea-Japan Energy Policy Dialogue held on the sidelines of the World Climate Industry EXPO in Busan to discuss energy policy cooperation.

Korea and Japan have been discussing cooperation in resources development and energy technology through the Korea-Japan Energy Policy Dialogue since 1986, and this Dialogue was resumed in accordance with the full restoration of the two countries’ summit “shuttle” diplomacy after a five-year hiatus.

Agreeing on the need for response to carbon neutrality and stronger energy security amid the recently unstable energy market and energy supply chain crises, the two energy chiefs exchanged in-depth views on expanding carbon-free energy like nuclear power, renewables, hydrogen, minerals, gas, as well as measures for bolstering the energy supply chain cooperation.

Both sides agreed to continue communicating to expand the scope of their energy cooperation across diverse areas.