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Korea's largest solar power plant starts commercial operation 2022-01-26
Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook attended the completion ceremony of Sinan Solar Power Plant located in Sinan-gun, South Jeolla Province on January 26. 

The Sinan Solar Power Plant is a KRW 319.6 billion project with the participation of public power company Korea South-East Power Co. and domestic solar power company Topsun. It is the largest (150MW) solar power plant complex in Korea, built on saline wasteland with abundant sunlight, generating 209.7GWh of power per annum. This is equivalent to 49,000 4-person households’ annual power consumption, and it is estimated that 2 decades of plant operation can reduce greenhouse gases by 1.8 million tons.

As part of the ceremony, Minister Moon presented certificates of commendation to 5 persons of merit in recognition of their dedication and hard work to build the plant. In his commemorative address, Minister Moon expressed hope that the plant completion will further promote the resident participation profit-sharing business model introduced by the government, so that more residents would participate in the plant business and that profits would be more fairly distributed. Out of all resident participation projects, the Sinan solar PV plant boasts the largest share of residents’ investment (KRW 12.8 billion, 4 percent of total) to date, proving to be a successful public-private partnership (PPP) project.

The event was attended by approximately 50 persons from various affiliations, including Renewable Energy Policy Director General Choi Jin-hyuk, South Jeolla Province Governor Kim Yung-rok, National Topsun CEO Yoon Jeong-taek, Korea South-East Power Co. President Kim Hee-cheon, and local residents.