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Industrial Digital Transformation (DX) Task Force is launched 2022-03-11


Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook announced on March 7 the launching of the “Industrial Digital Transformation (DX) Task Force” for a coordinated push to effectuate a digital transition across industry sectors.

The aim of this move is to swiftly roll out the details settled under the “Special Act to Accelerate Industrial Digital Transformation” passed by the national assembly last December, set for enforcement on July 5, in order to accelerate the digital transition process. 

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) has appointed a Director-level official as head of DX Task Force, which will compose of MOTIE officials and relevant institutions’ personnel. 

The following are the goals of the DX Task Force project timeline: 

-Devise a comprehensive plan based on a survey of the present industrial digital transformation conditions, and form a Public-Private Industrial Digital Transformation Committee to devise detailed measures. 

-Designate nationwide Industrial Digital Transformation Cooperation Support Centers to hunt for leading potential businesses, and nurture digital technology providers into businesses specializing in supporting industrial digital transformation. 

-Enact industry data contract guidelines and standardize industry data and quality management, while also expediting collaboration among companies. 

The Ministry is aiming for not just digitalization, which refers to a partial application of digital technology in business, but rather an entire digital transformation. This can be realized through intelligent manufacturing, sourcing new business models, and threading collaboration across different enterprises. To this end, MOTIE is dedicated to making concerted efforts from within and outside of the Ministry.