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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Moon meets with trade experts to discuss policy response to recent global trade environment 2021-09-10
(21.09.10)통상전문가 정책간담회 개최05.JPG 1


Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sungwook (center) met with trade experts on September 10, to exchange ideas on the rapidly changing global trade environment which incorporates industry, technology and energy issues.


Minister Moon said that while Korea’s trade policy has mainly focused on signing free trade agreements (FTAs) and expanding access to global markets, it is time to develop capabilities to respond to supply chain disruptions and digital transformation, which are expected to continue in the post COVID-19 era.


He added that the government will come up with measures to utilize local industries’ competitiveness in chips and batteries and strengthen partnerships with major countries for a stable global supply chain, and also continue with efforts to tackle the climate crisis and restore the multilateral trading system.