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Parts and materials technology development
2nd Vice Minister attends 29th Korea Gas Safety Awards 2022-09-21
제29회 대한민국 가스안전대상.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-jun attended the 29th Korea Gas Safety Awards ceremony to award government commendations to persons that contributed to the advancement of Korea’s gas and hydrogen industry.
In the ceremony, Vice Minister Park gave a congratulatory message, and awarded 38 orders of merit and medals of honor to commend those that contributed to developing the hydrogen mobility industry, such as producing Korea’s first hydrogen fuel cell control valve. 
The event was attended by approximately 300 persons, including the National Assembly’s Trade, Industry, Energy, SMEs and Startups Committee Chairman Yoon Kwan-suk and Gas Safety Corporation President Lim Hae-jong.