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Korea, U.S. agree to launch cooperation platform for carbon neutrality targets 2021-11-11
(21.11.10)미국 에너지부 장관 면담01.jpg 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sungwook (right) met with United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm in Washington D.C. on November 10 (local time), and the two sides agreed to launch the Energy Policy Dialogue (EPD), a ministerial level talk aimed at strengthening partnership in the energy sector.


Through the EPD, the two countries will join efforts across three pillars – policies and planning, technologies and research, and commercialization and deployment – to decarbonize the economy and achieve a sustainable clean energy future.


Minister Moon commented, The Ministerial ROK-U.S. Energy Policy Dialogue (EPD) will serve as an innovative cooperation platform for achieving the two countries’ 2050 carbon neutrality targets. The EDP also represents a first step that signifies the establishment of a true carbon neutrality partnership between the ROK and the U.S.. Going forward, the two countries will make concerted efforts to continue their close policy collaboration, seamlessly implement joint R&D projects, promote the participation of outstanding private companies, host the Clean Energy Cooperation Forum and exchange human resources.