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Parts and materials technology development
Incheon City's hydrogen-powered transportation and investment MOU ceremony 2022-04-01
수소산업 외투기업 유치 및 수소 대중교통 선도도시 조성 업무협약식.jpg 1
Trade, Industry, and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Ki-young attended a ceremony celebrating the near future of “Incheon city for foreign-invested companies and hydrogen-powered public transportation” held at the Incheon Metropolitan City government office on March 30.
At the ceremony, Vice Minister Park delivered a congratulatory message, and proceeded with the MOU signing ceremony for “Hydrogen-Powered Public Transportation City” among the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE), Ministry of Environment (MoE), Incheon City, SK E&S, Plug Power, and Hyundai Motor. Another MOU was signed among MOTIE, Incheon City, Incheon Seo-gu Office, SK E&S, and Plug Power for “Attracting Investment of Global Top-Tier Hydrogen Companies.”
The event was attended by national assembly member Kim Kyo-heung, Incheon City Mayor Park Nam-choon, SK E&S CEO Choo Hyung-wook, and Plug Power Vice President Choi Sook-ah among various representatives of relevant businesses and institutions.