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Vice Minister Park inspects Muju pumped storage power plant 2022-04-08
무주양수발전소 계획예방정비 현장점검.jpg 1
Trade, Industry, and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Ki-young visited the Muju pumped storage power plant on April 7 in time for springtime inspections and to hold talks with energy sector public companies on power stabilization measures.
As part of preventive maintenance, Vice Minister Park assessed the domestic pumped storage power generation situation and new projects progress, noting that pumped storage power plant facilities play a key role in peak load response and overcoming limitations of renewable energy sources. He emphasized the importance of active communication with local government agencies and local residents for a timely completion of the new pumped storage power station. He also inspected the control room, maintenance sites, and dam to encourage the employees in charge of operating the plant, calling for thorough inspections to prevent emergency breakdowns and performance degradation.