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2nd Vice Minister attends Jeju-type Distributed Energy Masterplan Presentation 2022-04-13
제주형 분산에너지 기본계획 발표회.jpg 1
Trade, Industry, and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Ki-young attended the Jeju-type Distributed Energy Masterplan Presentation on April 12 at the CFI Energy Future Hall, held to promote the importance of distributed energy and central-local cooperation.
In his opening remarks, the Vice Minister stated that “the Ministry will push the momentum for distributed energy based on close cooperation between central and local experts.” After listening to the Jeju-type Distributed Energy Strategy presentation, Vice Minister Park toured around the Gapado Microgrid Center in the Renewable Energy Promotion Hall with the guidance of Jeju Energy Corporation President Hwang Woo-hyun.
The event was attended by approximately 50 representatives from various relevant institutions and businesses, including Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Acting Governor Koo Man-sub, Korea Power Exchange Jeju Branch Director Kim Young-hwan, and Gridwiz Vice President Ryu June-woo.