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Parts and materials technology development
Energy Vice Minister attends 2022 GHIAA Forum 2022-05-27
2022 글로벌 수소산업 연합회(GHIAA) 포럼.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-Jun attended the 2022 Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) Forum held at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul on May 25 for countries to share their hydrogen industry status and trends.
The GHIAA is a South Korea-led association that aims to promote hydrogen industry private sector cooperation, comprising 18 member states, including the U.S., UK and China. Vice Minister Park delivered a congratulatory message and participated in the launching ceremony.
The event was attended by various relevant representatives, including H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association CEO Celia Greaves, and SK Hydrogen Division Vice President Andrew Kwon.