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Parts and materials technology development
2nd Vice Minister holds Critical Minerals Supply Chain Inspection Meeting 2022-06-13
핵심광물 공급망 점검회의 개최.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-Joon presided the Critical Minerals Supply Chain Inspection Meeting at the Lotte Hotel Seoul on June 9 to assess various challenges faced by domestic companies in the critical minerals market and to seek response measures amid the Ukraine crisis.
Noting that “global decarbonization initiatives are raising demand for rare earth elements, lithium, nickel, and such critical minerals,” the Vice Minister facilitated discussions on “critical minerals supply chain status, companies' issues, and measures to strengthen critical minerals security.” 
The meeting was attended by various representatives of relevant organizations, including Hwang Kyu-yeon, President of Korea Mine Rehabilitation and Mineral Resources Corporation (KOMIR), K-SURE Vice President Baek Seung-dal and Hanyang University Professor Kim Yeon-kyu.