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Parts and materials technology development
Minister attends 5th Hydrogen Economy Commission Meeting 2022-11-10
제5차 수소경제위원회.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang attended the fifth meeting of the Hydrogen Economy Commission on November 9 at the Lotte Hotel Seoul presided by Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, under the theme of “pan-ministerial hydrogen economy control tower for ushering in a hydrogen economy.”
Minister Lee participated in MOU signing ceremonies for the creation of liquid hydrogen economy between the government and private sector parties, and in the discussions on the new regime’s hydrogen economy policy directions, strategies for becoming world-leading hydrogen powerhouse and the future strategies of hydrogen technology.
The event was attended by various public and private representatives of relevant ministries and companies, including KEPCO President Cheong Seung-il, Hyundai Motor CEO Park Chung-kook and Doosan Enerbility CEO Park Gee-won.