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Parts and materials technology development
2nd Vice Minister attends Radioactive Waste Management Safety Symposium 2022-11-14
제8차 방사성 폐기물 안전관리 국제심포지엄.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-jun attended the "8th International Symposium on Safety Improvement & Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management" on November 10 in Gyeongju, held under the theme of “trust-building through policy implementation, technology and communication for safety management of high-level radioactive waste.”
Vice Minister Park gave a congratulatory message and awarded governmental commendations (ministerial) to contributors to radioactive waste policy development.
The event was attended by approximately 200 persons, including high-level radioactive waste experts from in and out of Korea, including Korea Radioactive Waste Agency President Cha Sung-soo and representatives of IAEA and OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) .