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Parts and materials technology development
2nd Vice Minister attends Yeosu GS Caltex MFC Plant completion ceremony 2022-11-15
여수 GS칼텍스 올레핀 생산시설.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-jun attended the Yeosu GS Caltex olefin mixed feed cracker (MFC) plant completion ceremony on November 11 and congratulated the successful construction.
Vice Minister Park stated in his congratulatory message that “by this plant completion, GS Caltex has grown from being a conventional oil refinery to an international energy enterprise with growth engine for the future” and added that “amid surging oil, gas and global energy prices following the Russia-Ukraine war, and as companies are suffering from high exchange rates, interest rates and inflation, the Government will take full measures to minimize industrial injury.”
The event was attended by approximately 200 persons, including local residents and relevant institutions’ representatives, such as National Assembly member Kim Hoi-jae, South Jeolla Province Governor Kim Yung-rok and GS Group Chairman Heo Tae-soo.